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Speed Dial Free

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UI changes

Home Screen:

  • Tap to make call.
  • Long press to get all the options (User needs to enable long press options)
  • Click on Pencil button to activate edit mode. User can edit Name, Number, Email, Photo and Colour and also can remove contacts.
  • Click on the empty cell to add new contact.
  • User can give name to every page and swipe left or right to navigate between pages.

Speed Dial Bird's View:

  • Click on bird's view to navigate between pages in faster way. Click on the desired page and speed dial app will open that page in no time

UI changes
UI changes

Smart T9 Dial pad:

  • Smart Dial pad has become more convenient with Left/Right Handed Dial pad for ease of reach ability.
  • Calling and SMS options now at the bottom so users can easily access the buttons.
  • The first option is configurable user can select QR- code reader/ WhatsApp audio/ WhatsApp video. User will get all this options on purchase of both Smart Dial pad and Social extension.
  • T9 settings can be accessed from the left top corner.

Speed Dial Phone Book:

  • Backup contact on left top corner will help user to take the back up of all the contacts in .VCF format and user can save or share it. This option will be available after the purchase of Backup contact inapp product.
  • On the right top corner '+'. Click on it to add a new contact to the phone book.
  • Call and SMS inline icon on the right side of the contacts can be used to call/SMS quickly.
  • Call and SMS inline options can be changed from the main setting section to long press to get this two options.

UI changes
UI changes

Speed Dial Group:

  • Group can be created using the '+' button on the right top corner. Give a name to the group and select any contact to add, there is no limitation of number of contacts to be added in the group.
  • User can set up Quick group using green '+' button on left top corner and can assign email/SMS quick communication option.
  • All the created groups will be listed on the page, user can purchase at the max ten groups. However existing users and premium users will get all the ten groups as free.
  • Long Press on any group to get all the communication and sharing options.

Introducing SpeedMoji:

  • No photos for contacts? No worries SpeedMoji is here.
  • We have got some great SpeedMojis to be a great replacement for all the contact photos. Which will make your Speed Dial pages look more lively and colorful.
  • Click on edit 'Pencil' button on left top corner , click on the contact to which you wish to add Speedmoji, click on 'add Speedmoji' and select the best one for that contact.

UI changes
UI changes

Speed Dial Group - Edit Group section :

  • Long press on any group and then click to 'Edit group', user will get to see Edit group page.
  • User can change the group name under the Group Details text box.
  • Click on + Add contact to add a new member to the Group.
  • Red minus '-' sign on the right side to remove particular contact from the group and 'Delete Group' in red colour to delete the whole group.

Speed Dial Group - Group Setting section

  • Confirm Contacts option, if it is turned ON, user will get to deselect the contacts from the group for which the SMS or Email will not be sent.
  • Confirm Contacts option; if it is turned OFF, user will be directly taken to the native SMS compose section of the phone along with all the group contacts selected.
  • Enable Messaging / Email templates, if it is turned ON, user will be taken to Message Template section, where user can quickly compose message or email using the pre defined messages and then will be taken to the native SMS / Email compose section of the phone.
  • Enable Messaging / Email templates, if it is turned OFF, user will be directly taken to the native SMS / Email compose section of the phone.

UI changes
UI changes

Speed Dial Group - Message and Email Template

  • Using the '+' icon on the right top corner, user can add new Templates to the templete collection which can be later used.
  • Append SMS text, if it is turned ON, user can just tap on the message templates one by one and the latest template click will be appended to the previous template giving user a faster way to compose SMS/email.
  • Append SMS text, if it is turned OFF, user can just tap on the message templates and the latest template will over-write the previously selected template, user can opt any one option as per their liking.

Speed Dial - Voice Command

  • Just Long Press on the Speed Dial logo on the bottom bar menu, Google speech to text will open and user will just have to speak a name from the speed dial contact list to make a call.

UI changes
UI changes

Speed Dial - Reminders

  • User can set reminders for any contacts by long pressing the speed dial contact and select add reminder.
  • In Add Reminder section, user can set the date, time and repeat preferences along with some note which will show up in notification at reminder time.
  • All the existing reminders will be listed below long press to get the edit and delete options.

Speed Dial Widget

  • User can set up Speed Dial Widget after purchasing widget in app product.
  • User can add contacts to the widget and can call any contact without opening the Speed dial app directly from the widget.

UI changes
UI changes

Speed Dial Watch App - Set Up:

  • Existing Users can update the Speed Dial Free app and can get the app on their android wear by clicking on Play store app on watch and then select Speed Dial Free watch app from "Apps on your phone" section.
  • New users with android wear will get notification on their app, soon as Speed dial Free is installed on their device, clicking on the notification on watch the app will install automatically on their android wear watch.

Speed Dial Watch App:

  • Launch the Speed Dial watch app.
  • Tap on any contact to get the options.
  • Select appropriate options to make Call/SMS/Mail

UI changes